Blender Basis - Classroom tutorial book - 3rd Ed.

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I've been debating when to update the book and decided the time was now with all the recent changes in the newest releases. The best part- it should reflect the soon-to-be-released 2.49 because I have been using the testing builds to make sure everything was current. It has grown from 118 pages to 146 with new and expanded information, screen shots, and some new detailed activities.

I have been amazed at how many emails I still receive weekly from individuals finding the book and using it personally or in schools. The best part- it's free to use however you wish!

About Blender Basics

I developed this manual for use in my own classroom in an effort to streamline the Blender learning curve into some kind of sequential order. I have tried to keep most chapters down to less than 4 pages and each chapter can be covered in 1-2 class periods (our classes meet for approx. 45 minutes every day). This is my contribution to the Blender open-sourced cause. Please feel free to use this manual in your own labs. You may copy any or all parts you wish!

Jim Chronister

Título:Blender Basis - Classroom tutorial book - 3rd Ed.
Autor:James Chronister
Fecha de publicación:2009
Tamaño:16,6 MB
Dirigido a:Artistas digitales, docentes
Licencia:CC by-nc-sa

Tabla de Contenidos

Chapter 1:Interface
Chapter 2:Viewports
Chapter 3:Meshes
Chapter 4:Materials y Textures
Chapter 5:World Settings
Chapter 6:Lights/Cameras
Chapter 7:Rendering
Chapter 8:Raytracing
Chapter 9:Animation
Chapter 10:Text
Chapter 11:Nurbs/Meta
Chapter 12:Modifiers
Chapter 13:Particles
Chapter 14:Child/Parenting
Chapter 15:Constraints
Chapter 16:Armatures
Chapter 17:Mesh Keys
Chapter 18:Object Physics
Chapter 19:Nodes
Chapter 20:Springs/Screws
Chapter 21:Game Engine
Chapter 22:Sequence Editor

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