Thinking In Python

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This is not an introductory book. I am assuming that you have worked your way through at least Learning Python (by Mark Lutz & David Ascher; OReilly, 1999) or an equivalent text before coming to this book.

In addition, I assume you have more than just a grasp of the syntax of Python. You should have a good understanding of objects and what they’re about, including polymorphism.

On the other hand, by going through this book you’re going to learn a lot about object-oriented programming by seeing objects used in many different situations. If your knowledge of objects is rudimentary, it will get much stronger in the process of understanding the designs in this book.

Título:Thinking In Python
Autor:Bruce Eckel
Fecha de publicación:2001
Tamaño:2,2 MB
Dirigido a:Programmers
Requisitos:Knowledge of Python programming

Tabla de Contenidos

Chapter 0:Introduction
Chapter 1:A quick course in Python for programmers
Chapter 2:The pattern concept
Chapter 3:Unit Testing
Chapter 4:Building application frameworks
Chapter 5:Fronting for an implementation
Chapter 6:Decorators: dynamic type selection
Chapter 7:Iterators: decoupling algorithms from containers
Chapter 8:Factories: encapsulating object creation
Chapter 9:Function objects
Chapter 10:Changing the interface
Chapter 11:Table-driven code: configuration flexibility
Chapter 12:Callbacks
Chapter 13:Multiple dispatching
Chapter 14:Pattern refactoring
Chapter 15:Projects

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