Blender Gamekit (1Ed.)

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Blender is a fast, powerful and free 3D creation suite. It’s the first of the 3D packages to integrate a game engine and tools for editing game-logic and creating interactive animation.

The Blender GameKit has an extensive section for people who are new to 3D, or new to Blender. It shows in step-by-step tutorials the fun of creating models, adding motion to them, and how to turn them into simple games. Experienced 3D artists will appreciate the more complex game demos, the character animation tutorials, and the advanced reference section.

Blender offers you a new and unique way to explore interactive 3-D graphics. This book will guide you through many aspects of making your own games and interactive 3-D graphics with Blender. You can have fun with the ready made games on the CD instantly, but changing them or creating your own game is also great fun.

Blender is a fully integrated 3-D creation suite. It has all the tools for making linear animation and non-linear (interactive) 3-D graphics. All of these features are provided in one single application and gives the artist a very smooth workflow from design, to modeling, animating and on-to publishing of 3-D content. For example if you needed to make a demo trailer of a game you would need a modeler, a renderer, a video editing application and the game engine itself to produce the video. Blender offers you all these tools combined to produce interactive and linear 3-D content.

The CDROM contains 10 playable and editable Blender game demos. It also contains the Blender Creator V2.24, for all platforms: Windows (98/2000/ME/XP), Linux (i86), FreeBSD (i386) and IRIX (6.5) System specs: 450 Mhz processor, 64 MB memory, OpenGL accelerated 3D card (Nvidia, Matrox, ATI, 3Dlabs)

Título:Blender Gamekit (1Ed.)
Autor:Blender Foundtation
Fecha de publicación:2002
Dirigido a:-
Licencia:CC by

Tabla de Contenidos

Capítulo 1:Quickstart
Capítulo 2:What is this book about
Capítulo 3:Introduction to 3-D and the Game Engine
Capítulo 4:Blender Basics
Capítulo 5:Modeling an environment
Capítulo 6:Appending an object from an other scene
Capítulo 7:Start your (Game) Engines!
Capítulo 8:Interactivity
Capítulo 9:Camera control
Capítulo 10:Real-time Light
Capítulo 11:Cap11
Capítulo 12:Refining the scence
Capítulo 13:Adding Sound to our scene
Capítulo 14:Last words
Capítulo 15:Tube Cleaner, a simple shotting game
Capítulo 16:Low Poly modeling by W.P. van Overbruggen
Capítulo 17:Super-G
Capítulo 18:Power Boats
Capítulo 19:BallerCoaster by Martin Strubel
Capítulo 20:Squish the bunny
Capítulo 21:Flying Buddha Memory Game
Capítulo 22:Game Character Animation using Armatures
Capítulo 23:Blenderball
Capítulo 24:Blender Windows and Buttons
Capítulo 25:Real-time Materials
Capítulo 26:Blenders game engine
Capítulo 27:Game LogicBricks
Capítulo 28:Python
Capítulo 29:Appendix

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Esta obra, que inicialmente no era libre, fue licenciada bajo Creative Commons (CC by) el 20 de setiembre de 2008 por la Blender Foundation, como se indica en el archivo de texto que se distribuye junto con el libro.

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