A Beginner's Guide to Gambas

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A Beginner's Guide to Gambas is the first definitive reference for the Linux-based Gambas programming language. Gambas ships with a graphical development environment based on the Basic programming language. It supports object-oriented programming and is similar to Microsoft's Visual Basic product. Gambas uses the Qt toolkit and supports other toolkits like GTK+. With Gambas, you can quickly design a user interface, access databases from MySQL, SQLite, and PostgreSQL, or remotely pilot KDE applications using the DCOP protocol. Rittinghouse masterfully describes the details of this new language with plenty of examples and illustrations that make it easy to understand.

Dr. John Rittinghouse has a long and distinguished career in executive technical management. He is currently an independent consultant for large enterprise technology management and security issues. John is also an active member of the Federal Communications Commission Network Reliability and Interoperability Council VI Homeland Security Focus Group 1B, where he chairs a subcommittee on Security Architecture. He has often had sole responsibility for implementing major information technology installation and integration programs. John is quite accustomed to organizational rescue efforts in both software and hardware environments, usually with responsibility for worldwide IS/IT operations.

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Título:A Beginner's Guide to Gambas
Autor: John W. Rittinghouse,
Fecha de publicación:2005
Tamaño:5,5 MB
Dirigido a:Programmers, students

Tabla de Contenidos

Chapter 1:Introducing Gambas
Chapter 2:Gambas Language Concepts
Chapter 3:Keywords and Program Flow Control
Chapter 4:Introducing the Gambas ToolBox
Chapter 5:Controls for Gathering Input
Chapter 6:Menus, Modules, Dialogs and Message Boxes
Chapter 7:Handling Strings and Converting Data-types
Chapter 8:Using Advanced Controls
Chapter 9:Working with Files
Chapter 10:Math Operations
Chapter 11:Object Oriented Concepts
Chapter 12:Lerning to Draw
Chapter 13:Error Management
Chapter 14:Mouse, Keyboard and Bit Operations
Chapter 15:Gambas and Databases
Chapter 16:Global Gambas

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